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January 9, 2017—At sea

Today was a lazy “at sea” day. I suppose one the true joys of being retired AND cruising, is the opportunity to be as active or lazy as we want. Though we planned to be up in time to attend the “Speaker Series: Ecuador: The Leftover Country,” our bed was just so comfy and sleep was so luscious, that we slept in.

Many people say they don’t cruise because they’d be bored. There are as many or as few activities as one can possibly want beginning very early for those who don’t enjoy luxuriating in bed. A sample day (from today’s schedule,) beginning at 7:00 a.m.: Fitness class, abs class followed by stretch; “It’s Ancient History” Daily Quiz and Sudoku; Mass Celebrated; Interdenominational Bible Study, Good Morning Prinsendam (an interview with an entertainer or crew member in the Wajang Theater,) Tai Chi on Deck; Beginner Bridge; Shore Excursion Highlights: Lima, Arica & Coquimbo, Acupuncture Seminar: Chinese Herbs Fact or Fiction; Intermediate Bridge; Prinsendam Galley Tour; Digital Workshop: Store and Share with One Drive; Speaker Series: Ecuador: The Leftover Country; Culinary Arts Center class: Rolling Dough; Ask Your Location Guide, Brett; Q & A with Digital Workshop Host Mike; Wii Tennis with Show Host Kevin;

And for the afternoon and evening: $30 Texas Hold’em Tournament (repeated at 2:00 p.m.); Get to Know Cortana with Mike (Digital Host); Team Trivia with Cruise Director Verity (some people take this VERY seriously 😉 ACBL Duplicate Bridge; Plan Your Day Ashore: Lima, Arica & Coquimbo, with Location Guide Brett; Play Pictionary with Entertainment Staff Jill; Le Vian Presentation (probably a jewelry or fragrance collection,) Spa Seminar: Relieving Back Pain; Arts & Crafts with Siraj; Afternoon Tea; Speaker Series: Stargazing Aboard the Prinsendam with Dan Benedict; Dance Class with Jim and Jackie; Mixology Class (where you usually learn to make three drinks and it’s too easy to get sloshed); Today’s Movie: Proof of Life in the theater; Ask Your Location Guide Brett; a repeat of the earlier digital class in case you missed it (Store and Share with One Drive,) Watercolor Class with Mary; Foodie Fight Culinary Trivia, and continuing . . .

Friends of Bill W. Meet; Fitness Class: Pure Form Pilates; $5,000 Bingo with Show Host Kevin; Q & A with Digital Host Mike; LGBT Gathering; Sip and Savor $4 (an appetizer and cocktail are paired;) Tai Chi on Deck with Mary Ann; Get to Know Cortana with Mike (repeat in case you missed it); $3 Signature Cocktail Sampling until 7 p.m.; Pub Trivia with Show Host Kevin; Le Vian Red Carpet Event; Fun 21 Blackjack with a Twist; Today’s Movie (repeat); Line Dance Fun with Entertainment Team; Round the World with Piano Man Paul; Today’s Movie (repeat.)

There is also Happy Hour at 4 p.m. and 9 p.m. in the Crow’s Nest and Ocean Bar, and the evening show at 8:00 p.m. and 10:00 p.m. Three different music offerings at various times in different locations, feature piano, a band playing American Songbook and today’s pop hits, and a pianist playing sophisticated classical music.

You can check out one of the one-thousand free DVD’s to watch in the comfort of your room, or try your luck in the casino that’s complete with slot machines, a black jack table, poker table, and roulette. Or, visit the library where you can read current magazines, best sellers, non-fiction, do research, or check out a game, i.e.: chess, cribbage, mahjongg, and a few other popular games. The library is one of our favorite hangouts.

We caught up with our new friends, Juliane and Brian at Happy Hour. Soon it was time for dinner and the evening show. This one featured “Atlantic Crossing” performing tunes from the British Invasion of the 60’s to today. Their highly energetic show was very well choreographed. The dancers really are amazing. And, the singers have fantastic voices.

Back in our cabin, Larry was happy to see the Clemson vs Alabama football championship game . . . or at least most of it. I stayed up to watch and wait for our ship to cross the equator. It took nearly an hour to travel fourteen minutes, forty-four seconds north to two-seconds south. While waiting, I did get to see the miraculous touchdown by Clemson with one second left in the game. They made the extra point and won their first championship since 1981. I was all set to take a photo as we crossed the equator from north to south and it went so quickly I was only able to snap a photo as we were .02 seconds south.

Tonight’s quote: “Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new.” ~~ Einstein



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