15 October 2019 ~~ Day Four

It was a treat to sleep in and have a leisurely time getting ready.  The Lido was serving lunch by the time we made it to the ninth floor.  We were going to need a bit in our tummies before the two o’clock wine tasting.  This event is designed to get you to buy a wine package for the cruise.  The prices are exorbitant, but with the discount that is a perk of being a Five Star Mariner, it’s a bit more reasonable.  I feel bad for the passengers who don’t get the discount.  Years ago bringing your own wine on board was permissible.  We miss those days!

Wine tasting

At any rate, we had a good time.  The Cellar Master was not only knowledgeable, but entertaining as well. And, we had a nice chat with John and Cathy, from British Columbia.  Later, in the Crow’s Nest, we enjoyed meeting Linda and Bill from Ocean Shores, Washington.  We spent a week there a few years ago, so it was nice being familiar with the area.  We were joined by Mike, Dee, and Donna from Marysville, Tennessee.  We spent several days visiting friends there a few years ago too.  It was fun to chat with people from areas we knew.

Tonight’s show was a comedian name Tim Kaminski.  I really think he was one of the absolute best ever.  It’s refreshing to be entertained by someone who can make you laugh hysterically without profanity or politics.  He was a master of audience participation.   We’re glad he’ll be doing another show this week.  He performs on a LOT of cruises, so we were surprised we hadn’t seen him before.  The short clip you can see by clicking on his name will give you an idea of his style.

The ocean was getting a bit rocky as we made our way to our cabin.  We were definitely going to be rocked to sleep tonight!

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