18 October 2019 ~~ Day Seven

Ahhhhh . . . another luscious day that didn’t have to start too early.  This sort of day makes me very happy that my Hubby isn’t one of those people who gets up at the crack of dawn!  After a leisurely brunch in the Lido, we had a little reading time before the two p.m. presentation on the World Stage by Astronomer Alan Wright.  

This was a thought provoking program titled, “Born in the Stars.”  Just a couple of things he said to consider are: “All hydrogen atoms were made when the universe was born . . . we are all stardust.” “In the early universe, there were no stars or galaxies . .  . just hydrogen and helium.  Stars are where the other 37% of matter comes from.” 

After his presentation, the passenger participation ukulele and hula show took place. It was scheduled for the next day,  but since we were arriving in Honolulu early (due to the medical emergency) the date was moved up.  It gave the participants less time to be nervous.  The Hawaiian team, that joined us in Seattle, had hosted several classes.  One of the teachers was Don Ho’s nephew!  An audience participant was one of Don Ho’s original dancers from Waikiki.   She looked great and had wonderful stage presence.  I sat next to a couple of men from Wisconsin who filmed their wives.  It really was fun and entertaining.

At Happy Hour we met a couple from La Mesa, California.  Of course it turned out that we had a mutual acquaintance.  We had a late dinner in the dining room with very attentive service.  But, consequently missed the evening entertainment.  It was nice to look forward to a leisurely evening.  

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