21 October 2019 ~~ Day Ten

We anchored off Lahaina, Maui and thanks to having Five Star Mariner status, we could board a tender without a ticket.  After a brief ride to shore, we stopped in the shade to see if the local musicians were going to play again.  As we waited a local woman approached and started a conversation.  She very sweetly presented me with a lei!  We enjoyed chatting with her and learning that her husband graduated from the University of Colorado and she had been a nurse for forty years.  We hugged and continued on in search of more shade.  

Lahaina Memories

I had read about the transit bus, so we headed to where we thought we could find it.  Thankfully there were signs at the Wharf Cinema Center, across the street from the ancient Banyan Tree.  To help expedite things, two ladies were selling tickets that were good for the day for $4.00 each.  They weren’t offering the senior discount today.  We boarded and headed for a trip down memory lane.  

We had a timeshare condo in Honokowai, Maui for about ten years, and spent at least two weeks here every year.  We had an offer we couldn’t refuse on our last vacation there by someone who owned the two weeks after ours.  As much as we enjoyed the time every year, we wanted to visit other places,  So we jumped at the chance to sell and believe it or not, actually made money.  That’s highly unusual when it comes to unloading a timeshare.  On this trip, we enjoyed the journey up through town and past our old condo.  Happy memories arose at various places along the way from Lahaina to Honolua.  With stops, the trip took nearly two hours.  

Honokowai Memories

Once we got back to Lahaina, we walked up Front Street to relive more happy times at Cheeseburger in Paradise.  It’s where Hubby had wiled away time while I shopped.  We bellied up to the bar and ordered Mai Tai’s that were done right by Chris, the great bartender.  We savored the view and the memories until we headed back to the tender.  Our evaluation will reflect the torturous journey as the crew continued to pack people in like sardines.  By the time we got to the ship, we were sweltering.  The air conditioning in the Crow’s Nest wasn’t working properly, so we got our adult beverage and headed to the comfort of our cabin.  

Noordam view from Cheeseburger in Paradise

Once we cooled down, we opted for dinner in the dining room where we sat with two couples from Canada . . .  one from Alberta and one from British Columbia.  It was interesting to hear their take on the election results for their prime minister.  Although they’re good friends, their political opinions differed . . . and yet we all got along!

We were tuckered out and ready for bed soon thereafter with vision of Kona in our heads. 

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